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The Catholic Bible College Bible Seminar is an exciting journey of faith and discovery:
Throughout this coarse you will discover, through revelation, amazing things
about the kind of love God has for you. This love is made manifest in Christ
as revealed throughout Sacred Scripture and the Church.
These truths will set you free in body, soul and spirit. They will build your faith
and apologetic in the Word of God which, as you will come to discover, will
accomplish in you, that which it was sent to do.

Free Introduction includes:
2.5 hours of audio lectures
Course notes
Daily scripture reading plan
PDF Printouts

The College Seminar unfolds over 7 modules, taking students to
a greater understanding, depth and formation in the Word of God.
The course prepares participants to become effective in their
apologetics and evangelization efforts by causing an experiential
knowledge and love of Sacred Scripture and the "Living Word" that it contains.

All the teaching subjects are based first and foremost on
Sacred Scripture as well as Ad Gentes, Dei Verbum, Verbum Domini,
and the Catholic Catechism.

The subject matter throughout unfolds the Biblical understanding and
contents, applying them to what they mean for us today.

~ Archbishop Barry James Hickey. ~
"The Flame Ministries' Online Catholic Bible College is an excellent source
of Biblical teaching, especially as a living experience of the Word of God
for the participants."


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